Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Offseason Excitement

So far, there hasn't been much.  But at least that means that Sabean hasn't done something stupid, right?

Well, Ryan Garko was non-tendered, so there's that.  Part of the justification was that he did not see eye to eye with Bruce Bochy, an indication that this is not a move which will be followed by a resigning.  I had originally been ambivalent regarding the Garko trade.  At least we were acquiring a proven hitter entering his prime years and it was not going to be a rental.  Now, however, the trade is looking almost as bad as the Sanchez trade.  A rental of a player not much better than the person who is being replaced is not worth anything near a Top-10 prospect in the organization like Scott Barnes.

On the other hand, it is true that there have been no errors on the free agent market, or any significant signings, for that matter.

So far, it is for the best.  I find most of the free agent crop to be rather disagreeable for a team in this position.  The rare exception is Nick Johnson.  Matt Holliday, as expected, would be an excellent signing, but the chances of his being signed are very low; the Cardinals have offered him an 8 year deal, and the Giants have shown no indications that they are willing to part with the money necessary to sign him.

For now, we wait.